Children say the funniest things!  As Early Years providers, at Tiddles Childcare we could write a book on some lovely things we have heard our children say.  We recently overheard a conversation between two boys -one of them attends Pre-school as well as attending Tiddles CC the other attends Tiddles CC full time. They were discussing how they were going to start attending pre-school together and informed us of this plan.

Having double checked with the parents this didn’t seem to be the case. Later that evening one of the parents contacted to let me know me that there had been some confusion.  Her son informed her when asked about the conversation that he wanted to go to ‘Police School’ not Pre-school. After some planning and research we decided to set about and make this idea possible. For a whole day in October Tiddles transformed into “Police School” and we invited the children to attend dressed as “Police Cadets”. Photos of family and friends were sent in advance to create “wanted” posters and pictures of relatives who are in the police force were displayed on the “duty” board. An obstacle course was put up in the garden, a canteen and front desk created and we even had a crime scene and a car park!

 On the day our new Police Cadets came dressed for the job and had to complete many tasks; Police Car driving school, Cadet obstacle course, how to do finger printing.

As a crucial part of ‘Police School’, the cadets, met some real-life Police.  In the morning Constable Hindley (Parent) from the Met Police, showed the children the uniform and Riot equipment he wears. PC Samuels and PC Landa-Aresse from Brentwood Local Policing Team, brought a Police car for the cadets to sit in and hear the siren and see the lights. They also brought colouring pages of Police Dog Blu for them.

PC Burrows with Police Dog  Bella from Essex Police Dog Section, demonstrated the amazing work they do, finding people and things!  Just before home time, Seargent Iversen (parent) from the Met Police visited to talk to the children about their training day.  He awarded all the cadets with their Police Warrant Badges.  As we had a captive audience at ‘Police School’ we wanted to align our teachings with those of Essex Police who have been running various initiatives (pre Covid) in Primary Schools to help the children to get an understanding about Police and the work they do. The key learnings from the day were that the police are nice people and not to be feared and that we can always ask a Policeman or Policewoman for help – or to quote one of the cadets “the Police are REAL superheroes”.    


Tiddles Childcare would like to thank, PC Chouhan, the Community Safety Engagement Officer for Brentwood, Cllr Tierney, Cllr Pearson, all the Police that came to make the day so special for the children.